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Days of Our Lives: Preview from Denial Island

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Hey Denial Islanders, welcome to this week's Days of Our Lives episode preview for July 21-25.  Another fun filled and exciting week ahead, especially if you're a fan of Philip or Bo, want to see more of Steve and Kayla, or Jawn and Ava get closer... But if that doesn't float your boat, I found other storylines to tell you about, or, if you like, warn you about, so on that positive note, let’s dive in. 


Welcome Home

A few Salemites return home this week – the first of which, and by far the cutest, is BabyJoe Johnson.  Yes, the little guy is finally being released out of hospital, but this sweet and tender homecoming is quickly marred by the sound of Steve and Kayla’s potential new neighbor, Ava, who, needing somewhere to live, has come to check out Sami’s old apartment (remember how Steve and Kayla moved into EJ’s old apartment, right across from Sami’s?).  Understandably, Kayla is a bit upset at the thought of Ava moving in across the hall, something she makes quite clear to Sami as well.  Later, after giving up on Sami’s apartment, Ava asks Jawn if she can move into DiMansion and hey, why not, they have even more room now that Lucas is going back to jail.



Or is he?  The SPOILERS are that after being begged by Sami, Roman offers Lucas a dangerous deal to keep him out of jail – something that wont be seen until the end of the week, but is likely to account for some spoiler pics I saw recently showing Lucas a little worse for wear in hospital (his turn for the hospital gown), with an anxious Chloe at his bed side.  More about that next week…


The Thing About Paul Hollingsworth

Speaking of Chloe, she doesn’t feature in the spoilers that much this week, but I tell you who does – her replacement in Philip’s arms, Morgan.  Poor Morgan.  She’s still worried about ‘ma farther’ since he’s still hasn’t washed up any of Salem's numerous banks of waters.  Philip’s still acting like the concerned ‘friend’, and even though his regard is somewhat genuine, there's more than a tinge of guilt mixed in with, and influencing his actions, considering his role in Paul's disappearance.  Momma Bear Kate assures him that the incriminating tape has been destroyed, but she can’t erase Bo’s knowledge of what Philip said, nor Bo’s growing discomfort in handing over the evidence to begin with.  Detective Hope cottons on that Bo is hiding something, but it’s not her that he eventually confides his secrets to, but Steve.  To my surprise, Steve reassures him that he’s done the right thing in covering it up, but of course he’s going to say that, a. he’s not a Brady and b. he’s not a cop.  Meanwhile, Philip receives a threatening letter with the words ‘I know your secret’ which we can only assume has something to do with Paul (any money he’s not really dead), and assuming Jawn is behind it, he heads over to DiMansion, where Morgan already is, confronting Jawn, demanding to know what he’s done with ‘ma farther.’  Ava’s bodyguards get involved, and an intended bullet for Morgan hits Philip instead, who shows up just in time for the attempted shooting.


Parlez vous, francais?

Over in France, newly reunited lovers Stephanie and Max continue the hunt for Max’s sister Melanie (to be seen onscreen next week, so she can’t be too far away).  Unfortunately for them, I’m guessing some of Trent’s goons (who knew University Dean’s had goons) are tracking their progress and attack Stephanie.  Big mistake – the girl’s carrying pepper spray and a set of lungs… I’ll let you guess who wins.  Somehow, from the train Stax manage to locate Melanie, and I think I’m suffering the effects of sympathy jet lag, cos my brain wont compute - how did they do that from the train?

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Underneath the Stars

Back in Salem, clueless Chelsea is still missing the pointed looks and secret conversations that Daniel and Kate keep having behind her back.  In true soap style, they’re doing a crappy job of keeping a low profile LOL.  In an effort to keep the brunette in the dark however, Dr Dan takes Chelsea out for a romantic evening under a cloudless sky.  It would sound nice if a few days before hand we didn’t see Kate and Dan reminiscing about their time together…


The Custody Battle

Marlena gets in on the act between EJ and Sami’s standoff over the custody of Johnny this week.  My guess is that she’s still feeling guilty about the example she set for Samantha as a child, going between Roman and John.  I say, get over it, and, for that matter, stay out of it.  Go back to conspiring with Rolf, because I think it’d be fun if Rolf plays you in the lead up to Stefano’s return!!  Sorry, I just had to add in this pic of Rolf (William Utay, above) because it was my pick for 'Screencap of the Week' last week LOL.


What Else is Going to Happen:

  • No mention of Abe, Lexie, Theo or autism in the spoilers.  
  • EJ and Ava work on her upcoming court case
  • Hope visits the newest baby Johnson at home
  • John and Ava get it awwwwn

Coming Up Next Week:

  • Max finds more than his long lost sister in France (the race car driver past is coming back to bite him in the butt)
  • Victor shares the Hospital gown costumes with Philip, as he spends most of the week lying in bed unconscious
  • EJ tells Nicole he wants nothing to do with Sami, then turns around and bonds with her during some quality family time

That's it for this week, Islanders - hope you find something worth watching and if you do, leave me a comment here, or come join us in the TFO Forums and tell us there!

Brooke's all important disclaimer: All opinions expressed are my own and may be tainted with the fact that I couldn't be bothered watching Friday's episode last week.  Own up... you didn't watch either!

Thanks also to Chit-Chat Haven for their fantabulous screencaps as always!