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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!


Here's the Scoop! 07.21.08  I'm exhausted this AM, so this could be a little bumpy!

Carly wants the Jackal to jackal a new suspect for Logan's murder.  What's Plan B Carly when Spinelli messes up?  It looks like Spinelli tries to frame one person and winds up pointing the fingert at the wrong person. Who does Carly want Spinelli to frame?  RUMORS say it's Ric.

Scott finds out his son is dead this week from Tracy of all people. He'll break down a bit but his main storyline will be revenge.  Scotty may start to uncover some truths along the way and RUMORS have him questioning Maxie and she MAY crack a little.  We know Lulu is about to crack a lot and her hallucinations have her mistaking Johnny for Logan.  Is this a bit of Karma for Scott Baldwin? 

The LATEST RUMOR... Matt and Lucky know each other.  Get out your salt shakers, we may need them.  What if Matt is undercover and Lucky met him before he came to Port Charles?  It's Nikolas' money that brought Matt to GH in the first place could it be that Nikolas helped a brother out and brought in an undercover doc?  Who's warning Nikolas?  RUMORS say someone issues the Prince a warning: Stay out of things that don't concern you.  Back to Matt and Lucky knowing each other... anyone remember the mention of Lucky being at training during Jake's birthday?  It's possible that Lucky met Matt at this training session.

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I mentioned Patrick and Robin will find out the sex of their baby.  RUMORS say it's a girl!  They better name her Georgie! They'll discuss parenting and of course bicker when they disagree.  Also, the RUMORS of Patrick becoming Chief of Staff, even if temporary, will put a little strain on them as a couple.  Ultimately RUMORS say Patrick chooses his family over career.

Matt's moving in... and Maxie is not happy about it.  Spinelli assures Maximista that he will find a way to get rid of the Scorpio's new renter.

Sonny working against Jason?
  That MAY be coming although it MAY just be a cover that only Kate knows about.  She won't be happy about it but Sonny MAY fake Karpov out by pretending to turn on Jason. Claudia gives Jason the heads up about Karpov.  Jason is said to be furious with Sonny.

Liason Scene.... RUMORS say he'll ask her if she wants to be a family with Lucky.  Elizabeth tells Jason she loves him and she will not be getting back together with her ex.


More story for Sam? It looks like she'll get some increased screen time with the drug storyline.  She'll uncover some things and Lucky will want her to back off thinking she's getting in a little too deep. 

Score one for Kate... but never turn your back on Carly.  She may be trying to get Jax back but putting the screws to Kate is never far from her mind.  Has Carly finally met her match?  Does Kate have any idea who she's dealing with? 

Increased RUMORS for Dr. Matt Hunter... it looks like Jason Cook will finally get some more airtime. 

Noticed the name change?  Me not GH! LOL!  Same person, we just dropped the pen name.