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Young and Restless: Charity Gala Catfight?

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Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall at that gala. Looks like Chloe is about to drop the whammy on Cane and Lily and I don't mean the game either! Seems like we're not the only ones wanting to have ring side seats for the mele that will commence, Phyllis seems very interested herself on the love triangle/stalking or, maybe she's searching for spinach in her teeth.


Remember the old days when soaps had the glitz and the glam on display at some well to do event? Didn't you love seeing the ladies dressed head to toe in their best designer frocks dripping in jewels with the outrageous hairstyles and makeup? The men scrubbed so fresh and so clean wearing a suit that makes you want to stand at attention? Everyone mingling about catching up on the latest business venture and gossip, little spats here when all of a sudden.. CRASH and SCREAM! Someone lands in the punchbowl.

How fab would it be to have a mini catfight ensue with these ladies, one landing head first in that serving bowl and another sprawled out on the table between the cru de te and the lobster bisk. Will we finally see Lily chanting her inner Dru and Malcolm or will Chloe show that she's not to be messed with physically and mentally. Will Cane come into his own, showing that Jill Foster's son and Kay Chancellor's grandbaby is a force to be reckoned with?

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We know that the new writers over at the Young and the Restless have been stepping it up in order to keep the number one throne they've had for many years so here's hoping they do in a big splash that soaps are famous for.