Quote of the Week: "Oh Damn. It's Ginger Ale!"

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Sometime I wonder if Kim Zimmer is a superhero, capable of single handedly pulling up Guiding Light by the bootstraps? The scenes where Reva and Josh walk down memory lane are just darn great and led to what I think will be the quote of the week for me.

After going through the agony of reliving their past, the good and the bad, Josh asks Reva if they want a drink. They clink champaigne glasses and gulp it down only to discover it's ginger ale to which Kim Zimmer delievers "Oh damn. It's ginger ale." with so much dissapointment you almost have to laugh out of sympathy for Reva and Josh you feel so bad for them.

So what is you're quote of the week this week or last? I'd love to read your favorite quotes!