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Samantha Rumor True; Hall To Play Doc's Twin In A "Drugged State"

Online rumors that Deidre Hall is set to recreate the role of Samantha Evans on Days of Our Lives have proven  true, inside sources reveal.


Additionally soap scribe-turned-blogger Sara A. Bibel quotes Hall confirming the story, despite denials to Daytime from Corday Studios.

The alleged Hall quote reads as follows:

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“Stefano comes back and he’s pissed! He comes right after her. He’s going to do to her what she did to him. But in the midst of it, in her drugged state she sees her sister, Samantha. I’m going to play both parts. [Previously the role was played by Hall’s real life sister, Andrea.] I shoot it on Wednesday. We pulled some old tapes and I’m working with a coach.” Hall enjoys Marlena’s interactions with the new John. “Drake is so funny as the character. I watch him in rehearsal and I can’t stop laughing.” 

Since this is not, I repeat NOT the first time Deidre has played Samantha in a dreamlike and/or ghost sequence (re: the Stella Lombard kidnapping storyline) I can't imagine what all the secrecy is about, especially if Hall herself hasn't been told to keep the news hush hush and the original source is an NBC blog!