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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!


Here's the Scoop! 07.22.08

Let's talk Laura... there is a lot of speculation / hope over her return but what seems to currently be true is that she will only interact with Lulu.  There were RUMORS that said Tony Geary would return in time to tape some scenes with Genie Francis however it seems those were a little premature.  What we do know is that this is a soap and things constantly change so anything can happen. 

Liason... are they stalled or not?  According to Steve Burton, they are.  Now I am seeing more reliable insiders who also say the fan favorite couple is in fact stalled.  There was again some hope / speculation that Liason was the hush hush storyline at Fan Club Weekend however it seems that Liason fans will have to take the little bit we get right now. 

Monica's home from rehab...  FINALLY!  The conversation with Jason after seeing him in the park with Elizabeth and the boys will be about all that Jason has given up for his choice to stay in the mob.  Monica may even mention how Jake could have been Jason's son. 

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RANDOM RUMOR and I think our podcast may have been bugged the other night... but there is some buzz over a screen test happening recently at GH studios.  What character?  Lucas Jones!  Have your salt lick nearby... these RUMORS say the actors did a read with Kirsten Storms. 

Jason tells Carly the truth about who killed Logan Hayes.
  Let the plan begin! 

Is it Nikolas or Tracy telling Scott his son is dead?
  EARLY RUMORS said Tracy now I am seeing Nikolas.  Scott questions Maxie and she almost cracks.  Thankfully Jax steps in and backs Scotty off. 

Claire Coffee Update... Nadine MAY be staying put and those RUMORS of her departure were just that, RUMORS.

If you didn't check the comments yesterday, this is what you missed!

There seems to be alot happening this week in terms of Lulu's storyline, the lover's on the run and what Za Crazy wants to happen to his son's girlfriend. Trevor reminds Anthony he warned him about keeping Lulu around. Now Anthony wants to remove the problem. Nikolas goes to Jason for help and both brothers (lucky and nik) worry about their baby sis. Is Jason locked up again? Remember he helps Lulu and Johnny escape so he may find himself locked up yet again. Jason tells Nik, Lulu was a willing participant in the "hostage" taking and Lucky doesn't agree... why must they make him dumb. Remember Tracy tells Nik that Lulu stole the gun from Edward. Lucky must be coming to his senses ... RUMORS say he'll tell Sam Lulu is on the run with Johnny, not a hostage.


Nadine and Nikolas... she'll be there for him when he's upset over Lulu. What could be a moment for these two is interrupted.

Johnny and Lulu's fake monikers...
Joe and Linda!

Sonny meets with Karpov's attorney...
he should be paying attention to his own attorney, SPOILERS say Diane quits this week.

LL2 scene... I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before, Lucky asks Liz if she's heard from Lulu. Elizabeth goes to Sam and asks her to give Lucky another chance. Lucky will be hiding from his ex to keep the cover up.

How great was it to see Cody yesterday?  It got me thinking, with Max and Milo going back to Sonny's employ, Jason needs a little muscle he can rely on.  I hope they bring Cody back for more! 

Anyone you hope GH gives a little more face time to?  Call or write in! 

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