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One Life to Live Spoilers & Scoops!


Here's the Scoop!  07.22.08

David agrees to divorce Addie!  He makes a deal with the devil and tells Dorian he'll divorce Addie if she helps save Viki.  Mel also chimes in from the hereafter and tells Dorian to help her arch nemesis.  Who else wants David to divorce Addie?  Clint!  He'll offer his brother $10 million to divorce Dorian's sister in hopes that it will help turn CE back to BE. 

Viki is taken to the hospital and gets the all clear!  Dr. McBain says Viki will be fine and Dorian fears that David will back out of their deal.  Dorian has annulment papers and makes David sign them.  A little guilty Dorian?  Over what?  Charlie!  RUMORS say she'll confess her bad deeds to an unconscious Viki.

Blair and John hit the sheets this week! 

Will Todd tell Marty about her rape?
  RUMORS say yes but once again Todd tells the truth while leaving out a few key parts. He'll fail to mention that he was one of her rapists.

The diner is burning down! 
Didn't Gigi just get a job there and now she'll be unemployed again?!  Something else may be burning down too.  Todd's new digs.

Maybe Rex can help out.... when he returns from his to trip to 1968, Rex knows everything and he's furious that Gigi didn't tell him the truth about Shane.  Will this couple be over before they really got started?  Gigi and Rex will have a more pressing issue than their love life when they return.  How to tell Shane that Brody isn't his dad.  According to RUMORS though, that won't be a problem they have for long as someone else tells Shane the truth. 

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Will Bo forgive Lindsay?  RUMORS say when he comes back to the future he'll forgive his lady love and he and Nora have a heart to heart.

What about David Vickers being the Buchanan heir?  Remember the RUMORS about trying to stop David from being born?  That's not happening so he will remain a Buchanan.  How will the Buchanan's deal with their newest family member?  We hear it's going to be interesting.

usually in the SPOILER world that means fanfic but with Ron C at the helm you never know.  RUMORS say he has OLTL mapped out far into the future.  Just to be safe though, get your salt shakers ready. 

Todd Manning is dying!  Well, not really.  Todd will fake his death.  Is it when his house explodes/burns down?  We're not 100% sure that the two are related but it COULD be. There are some RUMORS that suggest Todd's "death" will be karma, some of his past crimes coming back to bite him in the ass.  What we are hearing is that its a Who's Who list of possible suspects.  Todd will sit back and watch it all go crazy as Michael thinks Marcie killed Todd and he'll try to cover for his wife. Michael's not the only one covering for someone they think might have killed Todd.  John thinks it was Blair and Cole thinks Starr may have been the one to off her pop. 

Robin Strasser in an Emmy worthy storyline? 
RUMORS say Dorian will have a kick ass fall storyline that may include Cassie.


As always, thanks to Tina my sister in spoilers!  LOL!