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General Hospital: More Cody & Other Graham Shiels News!


According to Graham Shiels' (Cody Paul, General Hospital) website, Cody will make two more appearances on GH.  Look for Iraq Veteran Cody Paul to appear on August 6th and 11th. 

The character of Cody quickly became a fan favorite and fans were all for a Cody - Lainey pairing.  Unfortunately that never came to fruition.  While I am happy we'll get two more doses of Cody coming up, the lack of a real storyline for this character may be General Hospital's loss and someone else's gain.

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Look for Graham Shiels on another station near you!  Here's the latest news from his official site:

Nip/Tuck" in the season 5 finale I will be playing Legend Chandler, a Guest Lead

In "Saving Grace" I am Guest Starring as Smash in the 7th episode of their 2nd season.

I am Guest Starring in four of the first seven episodes of Alan Ball's new series for HBO, "True Blood." I play Liam: a tattooed, sex-addicted, blood-thirsty vampire. It will begin airing September 7th.

Also upcoming for me is "Yes Man" with Jim Carrey, directed by Peyton Reed (The Break-Up). It will be released December '08.