What do you think of Frankie and Randi?

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Everytime my Hubbard's are on television screen I am a happy gal!  Lately though I cannot wrap my head around why Frankie Hubbard, handsome, smart and resourceful is chasing after 'Iacceptcashonly' Randi Morgan? 

Ms. Morgan puts Frankie down every chance she gets and he just takes it.  Hello! Are you really Jesse Hubbard's son?   I would personally much rather see Frankie with someone like Amanda Dillon, they would at least have something in common both of their dads worked for the Pine Valley Police Department.  Don't get me wrong, Denise Vasi (Randi Morgan) is a wonderful and gorgeous actress, I would much prefer her character with someone like Jake Martin. Both are sassy, stubborn and good with come back lines!