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Did Deidre Hall Tell a Blogger she's set to play dual roles on "Days?"

Online rumors that have Deidre Hall recreating the role of Marlena's twin sister Samantha on Days of Our Lives are "not true", said Corday Studios PR reps.


A poster by the name "All Star-Girl" posted on the Fall Primetime Preview blog that Deidre Hall allegedly revealed to her that she would soon be playing the dual role of Marlena and her late twin Samantha, famously slain during the Salem Strangler storyline.

  The death of Samantha Evans made pop culture history as it was first believed that the beloved character of Marlena had succumbed to the serial killer. It was later revealed to have been Marlena's identical twin, the psychologically unstable Samantha (maybe that's where her namesake niece gets it from?), who died.

While network reports at the time said the soap always planned the switcheroo ( they always planned to bring all 10 of the Salem Stalker victims back to life!), soap lore has always maintained that enraged fans bombarding the studio with calls is what caused the show to change their minds and make Samantha the victim.

The following is what was posted on the blog:

"Deidre is here to dish about Marlena -

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"Marlena is still trying to help John, get rid of Eva and it's all coming to a close in the next month...also, Stefano wakes up and he's mad and guess who he comes after first!"

"I'm going to play two parts coming up - my twin sister Samantha returns and it will be fascinating and exciting. I've never played two parts before, my sister played Samantha last time. It has my heart pounding! It's not just playing two characters, but learning the dialogue for both characters."

DC site regular Joshua 2854 sent us the tip, which immediately had us scratching our heads. First, the character is named Ava, not Eva (which could be an honest mistake on the blogger's part, especially if she isn't currently following the soap). Second, Deidre Hall has indeed played two parts at the same time, in fact she's played several roles on the show at the same time!

While Deidre's sister Andrea Hall did in fact originate the role of Samantha, Deidre played the character as a ghost or figment of Marlena's imagination during one of her many 90's kidnapping storylines. Additionally Andrea Hall also originated the part of Marlena lookalike Hattie, but when she was unable to reprise the role during the climax of the Salem Stalker storyline, Deidre notably and hilariously stepped in.


And of course who could forget the time when Stefano revealed an entire army of Marlena lookalikes after kidnapping the long suffering heroine? (Reilly, Reilly, Reilly).

"That isn't on my radar at all," said one of the two representatives from Corday when we called for clarification.

Keep checking back to Daytime Confidential as this story develops.