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Bold and Beautiful: Right Story, Wrong Angle


Los Angeles is the epicenter of the latest corporate battle. Forrester Creations is under the gun and Eric is out of commision. He is sidelined with what we at DC call "a progressive coma". On the surface, the battle is a potential powerhouse of drama, but Ridge and Donna squaring off against each other misses the mark. Daytime Confidential's Jamey stated that he thought the better set up would involve Eric's children from his different marriages.

Ridge has been groomed to take over Forrester since he was young. Perpetual second fiddle Thorne should be battle ready, but he's trash talking Donna instead of fighting for what could be HIS destiny. Felicia is too busy crying on her father's chest to do any good, and Stephanie is sitting in the dark with her jammies on. With all the relationships that are connected to Ridge, Donna's is the weakest. Since she has become Eric's wife, her station has been elevated to Mrs. Forrester Creations whether she is qualified for the job or not. Brooke's loyalty should be tested. In the end, she should choose Donna over Ridge. If for no other reason, it will pit her against the Forrester family. Throw Rick into the mix and there could be a big old hatefest going on.

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It's still early in the story, but so far only Donna and Ridge have had conversations with each other and the promos support this. This isn't Donna hate, but she is not the center of the Forrester battle. Stephanie, Thorne, Felicia, Rick and Brooke have far more at stake including the history that goes along with the storyline. Hopefully, as it plays out, more characters will be drawn in for a full out war for Forrester. In the end, who will be left standing?