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GH Night Shift: Dissing Dr. Ford

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Even though General Hospital Night Shift’s, second season premiere was a smash (take that as you want) I was upset over the fact that Dr. Russell Ford was given the bum rush on Night Shift and on its mother ship, GH.

Dr. Ford wasn’t a fan favorite, yes I know, but we never knew why he was so frosty. Viewers weren’t given the chance to find out what’s under the exterior of his gruff demeanor; we were denied a glimpse of Russell Ford the man, under the hostile layers that was called his personality.


I was a bit perturbed that a medicine man such as Ford, made a huge error in judgment by pulling out the glass shard from his neck resulting in his death. Being a doctor, the Chief of Staff at that, making such a huge blunder such made no sense. Especially since GH made it a point to show that Ford was one who didn't like mistakes made at all. Look how he jumped all over Nurse Elizabeth Webber for the medicine that he stated she never administered. I know that when you’re in shock you do crazy things but this one was ridiculous.

So many missed opportunities were lost with this man. He could have had a back story, hell he really could have had a future story also. I loved his interactions with Jason Morgan on the last season of Night Shift.

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Dr. Ford even had some heat with Jason's Mommy Monica also. That was one of the things I was rooting for GH to tap into. I know its not the sister show's fault that Dr. Ford was let go however they could have shown some sort of interest in him to save him from the firing squad. Can’t you imagine the dynamics that he could have with the Quatermaines? I would love to see him go head to head against Tracy and Edward on anything from ELQ stocks to what kind of flower arrangement should be on the table for dinner. The little interaction he had with Edward made me take notice. Monica needed a friend in her life since Alan died and from what I know of Dr. Ford, he too lost a spouse although not on the same circumstances.

I may be in the minority on not losing Dr. Ford since he didn’t warm the hearts of viewers on GH, lets face it the man wasn’t in the running for Miss Congeniality however that doesn’t mean that it was not possible for his role to be expanded. I know that his death was storyline driven since word is that Patrick will or become in the running for the new COS title but my thing is that couldn’t that have been done differently? It would’ve been nice to see Dr. Ford come down off that high horse he rode in on when he came to fair Port Chucky and try to climb his way back to the top. You know what they say; humility is the best remedy for anyone as my folks used to say, “smelling themselves.”

Maybe he could have a mob relationship also since that is the soup du jour of GH as of late. What if he had a son in a gang or the mob and cut him off? It could bring him and Monica a tad bit closer. We’ll never know because Russell Ford was a man that didn't have his full potential tapped.