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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!


Here's the Scoop!  07.23.08

The Liason Scoop sparked some great comments yesterday!

  How about a little more for the Liason Fans?  The park scene with Elizabeth, Jason and the boys is RUMORED to be sweet and of course has the typical Guza angst going on.  Jason happens upon Liz and the boys and little Cameron is excited to see him.  Elizabeth offers Jason some time with Jake but he'll decline her offer to hold his son in fear that someone may see them.  This scene should play out next week with Monica seeing the family together and the Monica - Jason scene SHOULD be the following week. After Jason and Elizabeth in park, Lucky will arrive and be with the boys.

ZaCrazy is threatening to kill everyone if Johnny isn't returned safely.  Now he'll threaten to kill Claudia if she can't find her brother.  Not surprising since he's tried to kill his daughter a few times already.  I wonder how their father's day was...  This SHOULD be how Claudia and Ric team up.  She needs help and so far everyone's turned her down.  Ric will help her locate her Johnny.


I know we have some JaSam fans on DC, even if a few of you said you NEVER wanted them back together.   They do have a scene coming up soon.  RUMORS say Sam takes a job with Karpov and Jason is not happy about it.  Sam will captian one of Karpov's ships.  Lucky isn't too happy either.  He wants Sam out of dangers way.

Jerry and Karpov start making some deals according to the latest RUMORS.
  Is Jerry working for the Russian mobster? He didn't just happen to turn up in Port Charles, New York.  Sam sees the two together and the OLD RUMORS of her warning Alexis about Jerry are popping up again.  From what I can dig up, Jerry and Karpov's conversation will give us a little more story where Jerry is concerned. Jerry owes Karpov and the Russian plans on getting paid.  

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eHow does Sonny fit in?  He'll appear to have turned against Jason so that he can get info about Karpov's organization.  Kate doesn't get Sonny's plan but she'll stand by her man.  

Tension for Jason and Sonny... the former business partners will not be getting along.  Jason interrupts a dinner date between Sonny and Kate.  Jason will give Sonny a reminder, he's not in charge anymore, Jason is.

More Sonny and Claudia?  It looks like that's happening.  They'll have a common enemy in Karpov and the two may be spending more time together.  Remember, Sonny comes to Claudia's rescue when Anthony humiliates his daughtr. 

Jax wants a separartion but Carly doesn't give up that easily.  She'll tell him she plans to fight for their marriage and the schemer in her sneaks onto Jax's plane when he heads out for a business trip. Crazy Carly and her crazy plans MAY get a little crazier.  There is a RUMOR out there that Carly handcuffs herself to Jax trying to get him to end their separation.  IF this RUMOR is true, it goes on to say that Carly loses the key.  Of course she loses the key....


Johnny and Lulu... more with the two newbies.  The sister starts crushing on Johnny and Lourdes tells Johnny she knows who he really is. Lulu starts losing it and sees Logan.


Eli Love's old girlfriend comes to Port Charles. Max helps Robin give Eli Love a little payback.

Nikolas pulls the sister card on Nadine,
that he thinks of her as a sister. (men are so dumb sometimes) 

Jason is SHOT!  RUMORS say the mob man is shot and Elizabeth MAY treat him with Dr. Hunter.  Will Steve Burton be shirtless?  One report out of Fan Club Weekend said that when asked that very question, Steve told the fans he was working out for an upcoming scene. Some thought he was joking, maybe he wasn't.  Oh's RUMORED to be a shoot out.

Is Carly's life in trouble too?  According to RUMORS it is.  It SHOULDN'T be because of the shoot out that has Jason getting shot BUT how much do you want to bet this is how Jax and Carly reunite?