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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop!  07.24.08


Scotty returns today!  Look for fireworks when he finds out Logan is dead.

Sam undercover... will she be found out?  RUMORS have Jerry working for/with Karpov and Sam gets a job piloting Karpov's ship.  Jerry knows somethings up with Alexis' oldest daughter and figures out she's undercover.  When Sam's cover is almost blown, will Jerry cover for her?  RUMORS say yes! Of course IF this happens it'll be after Sam has already warned her mother away from Jerry.

Speaking of Alexis and her girls... It looks like we'll see the DA with her daughters.  Kristina has definitely taped, not sure about Molly.  Also getting some family screentime, Elizabeth and her boys.  There is some talk that both ladies get positive feedback from the fans whenever they're onscreen with the kiddies. Hmmm... could it be that the fans are just glad to see that the kids are still alive?  The way GH uses them so sporadically you never know what's going on with the children on this show.  Where's Spencer been?

Have I told you guys that Anna and Noah are hooking up?  I can't remember if I mentioned it or not, but they are.  Is this the big summer story for Finola Hughes? One of Eli's fans shows up with a kid in tow, his kid.  Is this part of Robin's plan to get Eli back for treating Anna like crap? Remember, RUMORS say Max helps Robin with her plan.

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The new mobbie SHOULD start early August. He'll be working with/for Karpov.

Lourdes... the little sister, makes a deal with Johnny.  BUT she wants to get rid of Lulu, see she's crushing on the Mob Prince and as I mentioned yesteday, she knows exactly who he is.

Laura and Lulu... will Lulu "see" her mom?  Or will she pay Laura a visit at Shadybrook?  I know she'll "see" Logan and EARLY RUMORS had Laura saving Lulu from her own mind.  Now there are reports that the stuff we'll be getting between Mother and Daughter is really, really good (we've all heard that one before) and RUMORS are suggesting that Lulu MAY be paying Laura a visit. We'll see how this all pans out.  Julie Marie Berman gets married sometime in August and is taking her honeymoon after Labor Day.  I would ASSUME there will be something in Lulu's story to explain her absence. 


Will Jason be in on Sonny's plan to pull one over on Karpov? Not sure but there is some chatter that he will know what Sonny is up to.