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Young and Restless: Scoops & Spoilers

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Seems that the folks over at TheYoung and the Restless, are wrapping up things that have been left hanging in a major way!


It sucks to be Nikki right about now! After David spikes her drink with the liquid morphine, she starts to react to it and due to quick thinking by Paul and JT; she’s rushed to the hospital.

Meanwhile Sabrina decides she wants to leave the gala and begs David for a ride back to the ranch since he was headed that way to snatch Nikki (Which Sabrina isn't aware of). Unbeknownst to them, David’s old buddy Walter has cut the breaks on David's car.  While en route the limo crashes…

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At the ranch Victor speaks with Sabrina's ex-lover Phillipe about the article. Slick Vic finds out that  Smilin' Jack was the one he spoke, not Adrian. Victor later arrives at the scene of the crash. He asks a dying David if Sabrina was with him. David tells Victor she was.  David dies while Sabrina is rushed to the hospital in bad shape!.

Talk about kicking a girl while she's down! While Nikki’s recuperating, Jill decides to make her move and announces at a press conference that she is the new CEO of Jabot. This doesn’t sit well with Brad. The former Abbott pool boy thought he would get the job and lashes out at Jill. Being the savvy, smooth talker she is, Jill tells him to chill and he’ll get his reward.

Jill won’t be smiling for long since she finds out from Heather that David killed her beloved Ji-Min. Don't miss Jill's explosive confrontation with Nikki at Jabot following the reveal! When the newly-widowed Mrs. Chow returns to work, Jill tears into her. It's anyone's guess why Jill is blaming Nikki since she wasn't aware of David's involvement in Ji-Min's death. Just when you think it can't get any worse for Nikki, she starts to rethink her sobriety after Victor rips into her as well.

Neil and Tyra find out that they have tons in common. Should Karen worry about her man?

Crazy Chloe has to work overtime with Cane. Seems he doesn’t believe her about being pregnant with his baby and he wants proof that she is.