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Ex-ABC heartthrob signs as Lucinda's new love interest on As The World Turns

On the heels of reprising his signature role as Greg Nelson for Jesse and Angie's wedding on All My Children, veteran soap actor Laurence Lau (ex-Jamie Frame, Another World; ex-Sam Rappaport, One Life to Live) has booked a role on As The World Turns as a new love interest for Oakdale barracuda Lucinda Walsh (Elizabeth Hubbard). Brian will be the director of the new foundation Luke sets up with his Grimaldi millions (Couldn't he have used just a smidge of the money to, I don't know, buy an townhome so he can boink his boyfriend without fear of Emma or her shotgun?).


ATWT is on fire right now and this news makes me even more secure in my decision to put ATWT back on my DVR's recording schedule. Lucinda is one of my favorite characters, I couldn't get enough of her chemistry with Tom Eplin's Jake and I adored Lau on AW as Jamie so this will be quite the treat for this fan, as Jake and Jamie were bitter enemies on AW.

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Who knows, maybe ATWT will cast Lau's former Bay City mom Victoria Wyndham (ex-Rachel, AW) as his disapproving mother? Okay, okay, that last part was just wishful casting! Thanks MarkDutchViewer for the tip!