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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 07.25.08


Sonny and Jason fight?  We've all been witness to the mounting tension and RUMORS have had the downfall of Jason and Sonny for almost a year now. The latest? I am hearing the longtime friends will have a blow out.  A pretty big one from what I can tell, Jason tells Sonny he gave up everything for him. 

Laura's return... which SPOILER should we believe?  Tyler Christopher was disappointed that he wouldn't be working with Genie.  Then word broke that Genie Francis MAY be back longer than originally thought and would interact with Luke.  As quickly as that news broke, RUMORS started pointing back to Laura only appearing in Lulu's mind.  NOW, our pal Nelson Branco reports that Genie will stick around for two months, Tony Geary will return in time and the scenes are chilling.  IF Genie is back for two months and out of her catatonic state, she better have some scenes with her sons.

Robin's Plan?  Remember she has a plan to get back at Eli for dissing her mom and don't forget, Max is in on it.  Will Robin arrange for Max and Milo to kidnap the rockstar?  That's a RUMOR out there and it's Anna to the rescue. 

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Could Lulu lose more than just her mind?
  Will she risk losing Johnny as well?

Romance coming for M&M?  I'm seeing some RUMORS that Matt and Maxie have a romance coming.

Plugging up the leaks?  There are some rumblings that false info was deliberatley given to see who was the leaky pipe.

Contract Status... Maurice Benard, Rick Hearst and Kelly Monaco all have their contracts coming up soon.  Maurice was RUMORED to not be renewing with GH. Rick Hearst has been heard saying he's done and who knows with KeMo.  Maurice says a month ago, he would have said no to renewing his contract, now things have changed enough for the actor to consider re-signing.  Rick Hearst is currently on vacation and I'm sure we'll hear more when he returns.  Kelly, I hate the will she stay or will she go talk.  Usually when Guza thinks she's leaving, he writes the character of Sam horribly.  She hasn't been on much recently, however, SPOILERS all point to a pretty good storyline for Sam and more interaction with Alexis, Jerry and Lucky.