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Young and the Restless: Scoops & Spoilers Part Deux!

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With all the drama behind David you’d think that everything was over right? Heck no! Adam finds out that Skye’s gone AWOL and starts to worry for his former Harvard rival and lover. What he doesn’t know is that David’s done away with her.


Apparently he killed her and has her stashed under a stall at the horse stables where Nikki’s horse is! Who's been watching The Godfather? Thought it was GH that was la cosa nostra crazy... Guess he was pissed she played him, wonder if he’d go after Brad if he didn’t die?

Spotlight: Nick Newman

With David’s death along with Nikki’s hospitalization, Nick does some serious soul searching. He feels horrible for not heeding dad Victor’s warnings on watching out for his mother and due to the revelation of David’s shadiness, Nick decides to be a better son in terms of looking out for his mom’s best interest and stand by her side during the aftermath of David’s death.

Nikki gets the word that her dead hubby was the one that wacked Ji-Min and, she decides that she will not shed a tear for a man that caused nothing but chaos and pain. Nick feels that his mom’s just masking the hurt and pain she's going through for a man that she gave so many chances to and gets that, she doesn’t want to spend any time looking back at her past with David but also thinks that she needs to unburden herself from all the pent up feelings she has.

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Mother and son take a trip to the horse stables to see the horse that David gave Nikki, where Nick nudges her to talk about what’s going on with her and her emotions. Everything that’s been suppressed by Nikki just erupts and she finally talks to Nick, about the shame and disgrace she feels for letting David into her life and was so trusting for a man that created nothing but heartache and pain for everyone around. Meanwhile Nick tells Phyllis that the posse’s staying on @ the old Newman ponderosa er ranch.

Nikki tells Katherine that her (Nikki's) tenure at Jabot has come to an end.

Daniel and Amber seem to be back on track however it all is for naught due to Adrian spoiling a close moment for the duo. This all makes Daniel to wonder if taking Ms. Moore back is good idea. It leads him to say those dreaded words: Let’s just be friends. Ouch!

Smilin' Jack does the unthinkable and secures the rights to the gala crash photos... Can you say Newman vs. Abbott part 10,000?

Father/daughter duo Paul and Heather finally solve the once though unsolvable murder of Ji-Min.

Coming up:

Chloe rigs a sonogram

Nikki has a bad dream

Heather decides that cosmetics aren't her thing and returns to her old stomping ground: The DA's office.

ponders if now’s the time to find dear ole’ dad.

Adam does yet ANOTHER name change (who is he Prince?!) and go by Victor Adam Newman. I guess they may just call him Adam not to confuse senior and junior. He’s really itching for that will and NE isn’t he?