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And the Bride Wore Crazy!

Nice day for a Bat Shit Crazy Wedding.There's nothing like talk of a wedding to bring out  commitment phobia in the male of the species. When Lizzie finds out the hard way that Jake is a little weirded out by her life long ambition to obtain her MRS. degree things take quite the side splitting-yet-slightly frightening turn!

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All I can say is if you thought Eden had, um issues, wait till you get a load of Lizzie! This episodes has not one, but two girls flying over the proverbial cuckoo's nest. (Wow, I managed two Nicholson references in one post, sweet!)

Imaginary Bitches creator Andrew Miller told us this episode would give Elizabeth Hendrickson a chance to showcase her comedic chops and once again he doesn't dissapoint. I will never look at a young girl creating a future wedding scrapbook again without a chuckle and the slightest bit of fear in my eyes. Check it out!