"Family Ties" Star Heads to Genoa City

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Get ready for a good ole' family reunion to take place in Genoa City! The Young and the Restless has cast Michael Gross (Family Ties) to play Lowell Baldwin, old flame of grifter Gloria (Judith Chapman) and deadbeat dad of defense attorney extraordinaire Michael (Christian LeBlanc).

Fans of the 80's sitcom Family Ties may remember that Gross played family patriarch Steven Keaton, a left wing political activist from the sixties. The character, along with his equally libral wife (Meredith Baxter), went through the trials and tribulations of raising their four children in front of millions of viewers each week. Extremely popular, the show topped out at No. 2 just behind the Cosby Show in the ratings.

Gross's Genoa City debut is set for August 15.