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Guiding Light: Mel's Guiding Gossip

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After last week’s episodes, Guiding Light is burning red hot! Baby Max and "Always" cause some serious drama in Springfield this week. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy gossip, rumors, scoops and spoilers for the week of July 28th.

Josh/Reva: This week, Josh sets out to prove that "Always" means always! Josh and Reva have a talk and he lets her know that he's not giving up on her. Then, he proceeds to plant a lip lock on her that will knock your socks off. However, Reva lets Josh know that the kiss is very unwelcome. Will that stop Josh? Not on your life. Later on, Reva and Jeffrey start to plan their wedding. Something tells me that the kiss from Josh caused Reva's sudden interest in her newest wedding. I believe we have ourselves an official triangle folks.

Reva's happiness may be short lived because she is taken to the hospital in the middle of the week. The question here is: Why?

Ava/Jeffrey/Remy: Ava has been acting mighty strange since Max was born. When Reva goes to see her, she realizes that Ava could have Post Partum Depression. Reva informs Jeffrey of her concern about Ava, and he visits her in the hospital. Jeffrey notices that Reva could be right and talks to Ava's doctors about her strange behavior. While he's gone, Ava escapes from the hospital and wonders around town. Jeffrey finds her dazed, and mumbling incoherently. He insists that she go away for treatment. She eventually leaves town but not before taking care of business.

Before departing Springfield, Ava shares a special moment with Remy. She tells him that he should raise their son, not Bill. However, Jeffrey has a different idea. He doesn't think that either Remy or Bill should take care of Max. So, he files a court order that prohibits Remy and Bill from seeing the baby until Ava returns. She won't but they don't know that yet. The baby will remain at the hospital for now. How will Remy and Bill react?

Speaking of Remy, he is relentless in his quest to raise his son. He begins making plans for their future. All the hooplah about Max prompt Remy's parents, Felicia and Clayton, to visit him. Will they stick by him?


After Jeffrey gets the Ava situation under control, he has to deal with Hawk. He asks Hawk for Reva's hand in marriage. Will Hawk give him the okay or the boot?

Bill/Lizzie/Dinah/Alan: Bill is absolutely distraught over the Max controversy. After dealing with some tough questions about the situation, Bill goes on the rampage. He goes so off his rocker, that Dinah is forced to get him some help. She contacts Lizzie and begs her to rescue Bill from his personal hell. Will Lizzie help her former love?

When Dinah isn't dealing with Bill and his baby drama, she has Alan do deal with. Alan pays Dinah a visit this week. He has a proposition for her. The two important questions here are: What is it about and Will she agree to it? 

Cyrus/Marina: This week, Marina has a talk with Cyrus. The two former lovers get into a heated confrontation. Marina ends up telling Cyrus to stay away from her. Will he listen? History says he won't, and this Cyrina fan sure hopes he doesn't.

Daisy/Grady/Mallet:  Daisy continues to alienate herself from her family when she chooses to stand by Grady. Daisy realizes how dangerous it is to be with Grady, but she doesn't care. Marina sees the danger too, and offers Daisy a helping hand. Exactly what does Marina help her with? Later on, Daisy and Grady plan a secret meeting and reunite.

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Grady's week seems to be looking good until Mallet questions him. The big question here is: What does he question him about?

Rumors, Rumors, Rumors

Tragedy in Springfield? A well known insider has reported that the tragedy to strike Springfield will indeed be the death of Max. The baby’s death will spark a feud like none other between Bill and Remy. Bill will betray everyone he loves, especially Dinah. It also will keep Ava from returning to town. 

Sabine Singh to GL? Rumors are flying around the internet that Sabine Singh (ex-Greenlee, AMC) will be recast as Josh and Reva's daughter, Marah. It is also said that she will play Remy's new love interest. I'm not sure how I feel about this.


Cady McClain as Harley? Ever since the role of Harley was vacated, rumors have been a buzz that Cady McClain is set to be the recast. However, Cady herself put those rumors to rest on her official blog in the July 7th, 2008 post.  She said and I quote "I have heard a lot of rumors, too, [by the way], but I am sorry to tell you that I have absolutely nothing to tell you!" So there you have it, no Cady as Harley for now. Also, a GL representative has stated that Harley will not be recast in the near future. I heard that the show can't decide if they want to recast Harley or kill her off screen.

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (August 4th):

  • Reva tells Jeffrey they should get married ASAP!
  • Jeffrey gives someone a reality check
  • Dinah gets help from an unlikely source