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Vincent Pastore Guests on General Hospital

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prev4 is reporting that Soprano's star Vincent Pastore is joining General Hospital for a brief stint "as Maximus Giambetti, a big-time mobster who comes to Port Charles to deal with his two sons, Sonny's bodyguards Max (Derek Cheetwood) and Milo (Drew Cheetwood). (And yes, they're brothers in real life.) Pastore's Max hits town thinking his eldest is actually the local mob boss — an idea that his son may have helped foster — and is none too happy to find out about his sons' lowly status in the biz."

Now this is how you bring a mobster to Port Charles. Tying such a character to Max and Milo, whose characters are enjoyed even amongst the "anti mob" fanbase, and using him to give us a glimpse into who they are is much more appealing than just bringing more and more mobsters to town without a real connection to the show.

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Hopefully this is enjoyable to watch as it is to envision.