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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Is it just me, or are Johnny and Lulu the most boring part of the Johnny/Lulu on the run, story? Oy, they’re putting me to sleep. I don’t fast forward much because I need to know what’s going on, but these two are forcing me to.

Is it just me or are Nik and Lucky seriously hot working together? I love me some brothers Spencer-dine sleuthing. Loved when they showed up at Spinelli’s last week and I loved when they got in Scotty’s face.

Speaking of Scotty, I liked that Tracy was the one to break the news to him about Logan’s death. It just seemed more fitting to come from her.

Carly/Jax: He was so right in leaving her for meddling in the business, however, the straw that broke the camels back (not telling him about the meeting with Kate) was a complete lie, so it sort of negates the good feeling I have that he left her. You know?!! I did find it hilarious that he would want to get away from her so badly, that he jumped out of an airplane (after having had the sex of course).

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Claudia/Ric: Can we have a proper hook up between these two incredibly pretty people rather than some silly, “I’ll sleep with you if you get Johnny off the hook”. I mean, look at Ric for crying out loud. Do you really need a reason to jump his bones??!!

I love, love, love that Ric told Jason about Sonny’s dealings with Karpov. Sonny’s running around town, getting in Jason’s face about a business he no longer owns, bribing Max into not telling Jason what Sonny’s doing, sshhh keep it a secret and in five seconds, Ric has let the big fat Siamese cat out of the bag. Made me laugh so hard. Stupid, stupid Sonny.

Stupid line of the day:

Sonny to Jason: “If you suffer half of the losses I did, you’d understand my pain.”

Perkie: Uh, by my count, Jason has lost his father, his sister, cousin Justin and technically speaking, his son, so I’m putting his pain higher up then the greasy ones. But then again, I despise Sonny, so that might have something to do with it!!

Is it just me or did Dr Hairy Annoying look longingly at Noah when Noah and Patrick were talking by the nurses desk? What was that about? Please tell me were not going to have a ‘long lost daddy’ story involving the Drakes.

Loved the Scrubs/Anna/Noah stuff today. Normal conversations. No weirdness about pending grandparenthood. Cute Anna/Noah stuff. Let’s keep it up shall we. Although I’m not really sure I understood the point of Scrubs’ visit with the greasy one.