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BREAKING NEWS: Backstage Turmoil at Days


TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco set the online world on fire over the weekend with news that Days Of Our Lives' Dena Higley was no longer writing the NBC soap. Now he has published an update on what is really going on behind the scenes.

Here is a preview of the latest but be sure to check out his Suds Report for the entire story.

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"Here are the facts: Higley has not been head-writing Days “for quite some time.” A source close to Higley tells me, “If the press/fans aren't happy with what they're seeing, they should turn their attention to [co-executive producer] Ed Scott. He’s been writing and rewriting story, dialogue and scenes for weeks and weeks. He’s also encouraged actors, including one overblown diva, to rewrite not just her own lines, but her scene partners. [This star] has taken to telling others that she and Ed are the head writers. The mess on the air is not the doing of the actual credited writers, but by amateurs. What leaves their offices bears little resemblance to what ends up on screen.” The Suds Report has also learned that two other Days actors have been encourage to rewrite their storyline."