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Days of Our Lives: Denial Island Preview

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I don’t know about you all, but I’m finding the behind the scenes stories on

Days of Our Lives

far more entertaining than what’s on our screens this week (July 28 – August 1).  Head Writer Dena Higley gone, whether


is being renewed and for how long, soap stars RUMORED to be either writing the show, leaving or being fired!  Who’d watch the real show??  For those who are, here’s this week’s preview (a little late, I do apologise).

The game is up.

 Jawn comes clean to Ava – he is responsible for Paul Hollingsworth’s disappearance. I say ‘disappearance’, because, you guessed it, the character is not dead! Instead he’s being holed up in DiMansion, a prisoner of Jawn’s. All those goodbye letters to Morgan – faked. The (now destroyed) tape recording – yep, faked as well.  Why? Jawn’s setting up Philip to be Paul’s “killer”, as payback for the planted drugs and fire.

Bo’s in trouble.

 On Jawn’s request, Ava sends an anonymous email to the Salem PD, alerting them that there is a missing piece of evidence regarding Paul’s disappearance. This starts a chain of events that leads Hope right to Bo, whom she confronts over his involvement. Busted!

Here lies Philip unconscious.

  After the shooting, Philip’s rushed to hospital with a ruptured artery, causing Momma Kate and Morgan to stress out with worry. Philip’s not too unconscious to miss hearing Morgan declare her feelings for him though, to which he reciprocates when he wakes up later in the week (there’s a shock).

Who else is in hospital?

  Lucas!  How convenient for Kate – now there’s Victor, Philip and Lucas all in the one place – and don’t forget Doctor Dan!  But back to Lucas, he’s been beaten pretty badly, and its Chloe that spends most of her time at his side. Something tells me Sami’s not going to like that so much – here’s something else she wont like, Lucas is going to invite Chloe to the Horton cabin (does this mean he’s no longer going to prison?). Uh oh! We all know what at trip to the cabin usually means…

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Back in Salem, Nicole once again runs to EJ

for help with Max’s Daddy Trent. She reveals that way back in that long past of hers, she and Trent were married. Hold up, not were, ARE!  Oh dear, lets hope Victor doesn’t find out his marriage to Nicole was never valid, or she can kiss goodbye that sweet settlement he just gave her. Part of me wants to know how the army of lawyers Victor had, failed to find this previous marriage license… can you say plot point??

Over in France Max finds his sister,

but not before some guy hits him up for money in exchange for her life. Also, we see Max catch up with an old fling from his car racing days - I wonder what Stephanie will think?  In Salem, Nick sees a picture of Melanie and knows he’s seen her someplace before. Ho hum.  Maybe this storyline will be more interesting next week.

Last but not least,

for all those despondent EJami fans out there, we’ll get to see our couple share a cute family moment on Thursday (yes, I'm trying to be optimistic).

Coming Up Next Week (August 4 – 8):

•    The return of Stefano!!! First thing he does? Vows revenge!!

•    Hope and Bo renew their wedding vows (aww)

•    Marlena encounters a masked intruder who leaves her paralyzed

Well that’s it for this week, a bit dry storywise, but really, I’m just hanging out for next week and the return of Stefano. If you find anything worth shouting about, share it with us by leaving a comment, or join us in the


thread in the

TFO forums