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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Wow, what are the odds that JoLu, on the run from the cops, would happen to find shelter with someone, who's father was killed by Anthony Zachara? I mean, really, the odds must be astronomical <insert sarcastic eyeroll here>!!

Also, if Sal (is that his name?) is still that upset about it, you'd think he would know enough about the Zacharas that he would recognize Johnny. I'm thinking, I'd know the son of the man who killed my father, you know.

And what is Lourdes (is that her name?!) angle here? Why hasn't she let on who JoLu really are? My head hurts!!

CarJax: My first thought is that Carly is like a cockroach. Get rid of her and there she is again. But the flip of the coin is that Jax always runs when the going gets tough, and she's not allowing him to, which is making him all antsy, so I guess I should give her credit for that.

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I wish I liked Rick Springfield more, because then I would have appreciated that concert. But, no offence to RS fans, I'm just not into him. Although I did appreciate the break from all things mob, for those 7 minutes that he was singing, and the song is rather catchy. It's no Jessie's Girl, but it's a'ight!!

I love that Ric got under the mighty Jason's skin again and even though Jason was all, "Ric, you're a lying liar who lies", he still ran home to get his trusty computer genius to confirm what he already knew to be true.

Scrubs: Ok, I will admit, when Robin showed up at Sonny's yesterday, I thought she was hiring him to hit on Anna, to bolster Anna's spirits and was ready to puke all over that, so I was kind of glad to see that it wasn't what she had planned after all. Although, I hope Max and Milo got combat pay for having their butts kicked by the mighty Ms. Devane.

Nadine made me laugh today. I loved that she was trying to get Nikolas to yell at her for Dr Annoying's benefit and Nik would have none of it, but then ended up playing right into her plan. I doubt Dr Annoying will put the incredibly goody goody Nadine into his confidence, but it gave me a hearty chuckle, none the less.