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Victor's Reversal Revealed

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On today's episode of The Young and the Restless, viewers finally found out the answer to the great American debate. How did Victor Newman become an expectant father?

Many fans had their own answer to that highly controversial topic. They ranged from poster Jorpa stating, I'm still hoping that Sabrina is just a plot point to keep Victor distracted so everyone can get together to plot his downfall. To KingTV's prayers that, It is revealed that Sabrina has been conning Victor all along and that the baby is not even his. What if she and Adam slept together one night off-screen or maybe this ex-bf they are about to bring on is the father? The possibilities were endless.

CBS's VP of daytime Barbara Bloom even spoke out about it when questioned by Soap Opera Digest and fans were assured that all will be revealed in due time.

Now that Nikki, along with everyone else, were given the answer the question still remains, are fans happy with the end result?

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Wouldn't Nikki know that her husband got the procedure reversed? Why did he keep it a secret and was he planning to have more children with Nikki?

What are your thoughts?