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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 07.30.08

Does Carly think everyone wants her man? 
If the LATEST RUMORS are correct, she sure does!  These RUMORS tie into the RANDOM RUMOR drop from Monday, the one where Carly remembers Elizabeth willing to be a surrogate for Jax and Courtney.  Here's how its SPOILED to go down.  Jax and Elizabeth talk and their conversation seems to be about Carly and they'll bring up the baby girl they lost.  In true Carly fashion, she sees them, assumes Elizabeth is after her husband and goes to Jason to tell him that Elizabeth is after Jax.  More angst for Liason?  Seems so... As for Carly and Jax, it appears that Carly has a plan.  She knows what will fix her marriage.  A baby.


Speaking of Liason angst... another RUMOR floating out there involves Cameron.  Remember he'll be excited to see Jason at the park on friday but will the little Webber man also get Jason a gift?  RUMORS say Elizabeth brings Jason a gift from Cameron.  For a couple that is REPORTEDLY stalled, they sure are getting the plot points.  Also coming up for them?  ZaCrazy once again trying to find Jason's weakness.

Eli Love's love child.  He's coming and Patrick likes the little tyke.  RUMORS say his mother's name is Olivia Jerome.

Plot Points for Skate?  You bet!  Sonny will assure Kate their wedding will go off without a hitch.  Translation: Sonny and Kate's nuptials will have plenty of problems.

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Jerry and Alexis... more coming up for them now that both Nancy Lee Grahn and Sebastian Roche have returned from vacation.  Will Jerry suggest cohabitation? Jerry will walk a fine line between his dirty dealings and his feelings for the DA.

RANDOM STUFF: I was right yesterday, Lulu visits the rocking wig.  Anna isn't happy that Robin set up a fake kidnapping.  Matt and Maxie, rumbling roomies.  Danger Sam McCall!  Scrubs are having a girl.  Lulu is losing it and Johnny must realize its more than he can handle. 

Sorry it's a short one... not a lot info this AM.  Check back for updates