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General Hospital: Dare To Dream!

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Currently, the head of the Karpov Russian Mob family is making his rounds in Port Charles. Lately, I have a lot of time on my hands and I got to thinking how cool would it would be if Helena Cassadine was the reason the new mob family was in town? Yes, Regan I know your shaking your head at me but here are a few possibilities.

Helena's step-granddaughter, Sam McCall has gotten herself a job working for Karpov who stumbles upon information regarding the faux drugs are being funded by a 'silent' company owned by the Cassadines. Sam goes to her cousin, Nikolas and who starts an investigation with his brother Lucky and find Helena is behind the whole thing!!!!!! Nikolas devises a plan to bring back granny to town and bring charges against her only to have her blackmail Nikolas into dropping the charges or she will tell Sonny and Jason that he has known for a long time who shot Michael.

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Also, we can go the Luke route, who sends a message to Cowboy that he met a man working on some ships that are smuggling fake drugs into Port Charles from Russia. Now Luke being the non-law abiding citizen he is asks Lucky to keep this on the downlow because he is trying to get in on the action in order to buy out the Zacchara's from the Haunted Star and as a way to sweeten the pot, tell his son he will try and get Lulu away from Johnny once he returns to town. Although we all know Luke would renig on second that part!