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Young and the Restless: Adam's Reality Check is Cashed

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We've always wondered what the true intentions of Victor's prodigal son Adam were when he came to town and, now viewers are getting a glimpse of his angles. It boggles the mind that Adam would think he'd take his old man's chair. Fortunately, reliable old Neil came to the rescue.

After months of dealing with Adam undermining him to Victor and trying to take the keys to the kingdom, Neil took off his club owner's hat, broke out his suit and tie and without a sweat put Adam in his place. You see, being the nice guy never really panned out for Neil. In the early days of his career at Newman Enterprises his then wife Drucilla pushed and prodded him to step up and make the company take notice of his hard work and dedication. Unfortunately Neil always had an excuse as to why it wasn't his moment to shine. With Victor gone, this week he put excuses aside and took his rightful place.

Drucilla would be proud.