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Bold and Beautiful: A WTF Moment for Katie!


Will wonders never cease? Rumor has it the August 12 issue of Soap Opera Digest will reveal that Katie Logan is pregnant. Apparently she had near-death sex on Catalina Island with Nick when the cameras weren't rolling.

Sensible Katie was allowed to be romanced by Nick during those brief days she had left to live. Bridget selflessly stepped aside to make her remaining time special. It's about to bite her in the butt. Katie finds out about her delicate condition during a follow up exam for her recent heart transplant.

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The Bold and the Beautiful has the ability to take a tired plot point and revitalize a rivalry or invigorate a character. The most recent roll-your-eyes moment was Taylor finding out that Jack was Brooke's biological mother. It turned out to be a surprising storyline that reignited Brooke and Taylor's simmering feud and had Taylor running for the nearest phone to order up a case of vodka.

Katie's pregnancy is a stretch, even for me. Aside from the obvious health issues, this latest development should send Bridget right over the edge. First it was her mother, now it's her aunt. One can only hope that Katie's revelation will finally give the simpering Bridget the sharp edge she had when blasted Brooke for wavering between Nick and Ridge. Ashley Jones has proven she has the ability, so I say bring it on!