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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 07.31.08

Anyone still hoping for Naudia? 
Nikolas and Claudia are getting more screen time according to RUMORS.  Nikolas is telling Nadine he thinks of her in a brotherly way, Claudia picks up on Nadine's feelings for the prince.  I'm also hearing that Nadine walks in on Nikolas and Claudia in a lip lock.  What else is coming up for Naudia?  Remember that warning I told you Nikolas was set to get?  The one where he's told to keep his nose out of things that are not his concern.  Well Claudia offers Nikolas some advice, listen to the warning and back off.


Is Karpov getting some family?  We know an associate of his arrives in Port Charles.  Now there are RUMORS that Kate may know the Russian Mobster.

I'm seeing Sonny Corinthos' favorite word... Betrayal!  Appparently Sonny feels his BFF's are betraying him.  Could it be because Carly tells Jason to take Sonny out if he's a threat?

Why is Matt Hunter so interested in the Doctors Drake?  RUMORS say the newest staff member at GH listens in as Father and Son discuss their issues once again.  TPTB had once considered bringing in a younger Drake, a son of Noah's.  That was scraped and Josh Duhon was made a Baldwin.  Could they be revisiting the dropped idea?  Word is, Matt will start to talk about his family a bit, an absentee father.

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Is Carly up to her old tricks? You know the ones where she comes up with some stupid plan to help Jason? There are some RUMORS out there that after Carly goes to Jason about Sonny's "betrayal" and how Jason should consider Sonny a threat, she'll try to get close to Karpov to get info for her BFF. Could Carly be prepared to swap spit with the Russian Mobbie all in the name of being the best friend ever? RUMORS go on to say the Carly swipes Karpov's PDA and hands it over to Spinelli so he may Jackal it. DON'T FORGET, there is that SPOILER that Carly's life is in danger... does her plan blow up in her face? Also, what about her husband? Shouldn't Carly be fighting for her marriage and not flirting with Mobsters? It's possible that this will play out during the time Ingo R. took some time off for the birth of Peanut.

CRAZY RUMOR... everyone have their salt shakers handy? There was an OLD OLD RUMOR about a faked death. Lulu was RUMORED to fake her death at some point. Well we know that's not true as she's losing it instead. What if the fake death RUMOR isn't about Lulu? Could it be about someone else who would need to go into hiding should a certain secret get out? As I mentioned earlier, Liason seems to be getting a lot of plot points for a "stalled" storyline. RUMORS now say that Liz and the boys will "die" in a car crash after Karpov learns that Jason Morgan has a son. Crazy? Stupid? You have a somewhat established (rammed down our throats) mob family (the Z's) on the show. Why have the newbie mobster learn the truth about Jake? Could this be a fanfic or a storyline you could really get in to? 


Liason fan or not... I think all GH fans can agree that TPTB need to make a decision one way or another on Jason and Elizabeth's fate as a couple.  Jake's conception, gestation, birth and now life have taken up two years come August 14th.