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One Life to Live: Paging Marcy Walker!!!

There aren't enough words in the search engine at to describe how excited I am about A Martinez (ex-Cruz Castillo), one half of my all-time favorite soap supercouple (sorry Bo and Hope, you guys are a close, close second! Bring on Roberta to sing "Tonight I Celebrate My Love" and we'll talk!) coming to One Life to Live as Ray Montez.

I know a lot of fans are worried One Life is getting a little too cast heavy but there's always room for one more, especially a Soap God sent down from Mount Soap-O-lympus like Martinez. Now if the dynamic duo that is Frank and Ron can some how lure Marcy Walker (ex-Eden Capwell Castillo, SB; ex-Liza Colby, All My Children) to Llanview, even for just a brief Sweeps storyline, I can die a happy man. Well, only if I can come back to life on a pier in three to five years and have Drake Hogestyn spy me out of the corner of his cocked eye and gasp "J?"

I can't tell you how much fan fic I have written about A and Marcy reuniting. No really, I can't, there are court documents prohibiting it.

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I so hoped A's woefully underutilized General Hospital character Roy Di Luca would have made his way over to Pine Valley. He could have been a brother to Mama Santos. Or Adam could have hired the ex-mob baddie to dig up dirt on Liza during the custody fight for the Screech-o-Monster that is Colby.

I would have taken anything  just to have a Cruz and Eden reunion on my screen. Sorry, I've been a bit depressed, clinically so, ever since my then-VCR zapped my Santa Barbara montage tape circa 1998. The role of VCR is now being played by DVD player, anyway, You Tube is great, but I don't speak Frenchican and most of the SB episodes are in other languages, proving what a monster hit this show was internationally.

Okay, so I am rambling and scrambling and being so very hypocritical since I have been pooing all over the upcoming Gush reunion set for AMC, but let's face it, Gush was no Cruz and Eden, now Pharley could have been a contender! Dear God in heaven I've taken to squish names. The Devil is SO busy! 

Enjoy the above classic Cruz and Eden montage set to their song "The Change In Me Is You"  from Santa Barbara from Angellicalily while I search for my smelling salts! Now if you have only been watching soaps for the past decade or so (and you know  who you are!) what you are about to see is a "supercouple". They are rare and endangered species that must now be kept locked away at a special, top secret commune away from deranged scribes with penchants for death-by-pancakes or more than five heart transplant stories on one soap. Salutations!