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Paging Brooke Logan!

When you see this Brooke again, would you let us know? It's no surprise that Brooke was sitting on the fence when Donna fired the Forrester v1.0 kids. The surprise is the that the ambitious Brooke sided with Ridge against her sister and walked away from running the company with her son Rick while interfering in his relationship with Taylor.


Brooke, who came up with the BeLiEf formula; Brooke, who married father and sons because she was attracted to the affluent lifestyle; Brooke, who commandeered control of Forrester when backed up agains the wall; Brooke, who stood her ground against the wrath of Stephanie for over 20 years...walks away from an opportunity to run Forrester?

Is she insane? The chemist can't see there is no chemistry in her relationship with Ridge? This is the perfect time to pit Brooke and Ridge against each other. I'm not advocating a complete Logan take over, but watching Brooke duke it out would sure as hell make more sense. It seems like the Brooke of a few months ago disappeared when Storm died. Brooke was interfering in Rick's life, Katie's life, Nick's life, everybody's lives and then she suddenly backed off. It's not like her to give up a bone (no pun intended). Brooke's disappointment in Donna should be a calling for her to be pissed that Donna took away what should rightfully belong to her...Forrester Creations! (Since Stephanie ain't around to pick up the pieces).

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