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Young and Restless: Scoops and Spoilers

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Neil: Seems that the years of being Victor’s yes man has finally paid off for the CEO/night club owner. Victor makes Neil the head of Newman Enterprises and Neil breaks the news to Adam. How will Victor’s namesake react to this? Meanwhile Tyra decides that confession’s good for the soul and spills all to him. The question remains, what is it and how will this affect the Winters family and Karen?

Those crazy kids (in every sense) finally get hitched.


Michael: The legal eagle gets word from P.I. Paul that, his father is in town but is in lockup for petty theft. Michael being Michael, is a bit hesitant on finally meeting with his dad but changes his mind and sets of to meet dear ole’ dad with baby brother Kevin in tow.

When Michael goes in to see his long lost father, he realizes the man in holding is NOT his dad! What he sees is a big brawny man that can not be Lowell and demands the truth from the faux Lowell. Michael finds out from the fake Baldwin that he and Lowell swapped identities years ago while he’s saying this; the guard comes in to say that the impostor will be transferred to another facility due to a warrent for his arrest on murder charges!

Naturally the inmate frets and tries to set the record straight on who he really is since the real Lowell’s the man they are looking for, which Michael backs up by stating he’s Lowell’s son.

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Chloe: DNA testing will be done on her unborn baby to prove whether or not she’s really carrying the latest Chancellor heir. The question is, will it be his? We all know the answer to that and you may be suprised....

Cane: He gets a big promotion... Meet the new CEO of Jabot! Not everyone is happy since the long lost heir has not experience in running a major company.


Jill will face a major humiliation

Billy Abbott will return to Genoa City

Alistair may return to blackmail newlyweds Jeff and Gloria


Beth Maitland returns to the Young and the Resltess, as missing in action Abbott heiress Traci, starting August 13. No word yet on how long the run will be for, could big sister Ashley be far behind?