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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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It occured to me today, that there is so much going on right now that totally bores me to tears.

Take JoLu (please!!). Why are they acting like they don't have a care in the world? I mean, they shouldn't be sitting in the corner praying, but they shouldn't be running around giggling either. Why haven't the left the country so as not to get caught? Why is Johnny so tolerant of a silly girl, who walks in on them unanounced and constantly begs for piano lessons? Why am I not fast forwarding them??

I liked the Lucky/Nik scene and I found it interesting that they're portraying Lucky as starting to lose his marbles. And is it an anvil that Nikolas mentioned Lucky losing Elizabeth, not once but twice in that five minute conversation?

Nik and Nadine continue to interest me as I'm liking her more and more and I like that she's trying to get info on Matt, although she's rather heavy handed about it.

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Nik to Nadine: "You're like a sister to me"

Perkie: OUCH!! Nobody likes hearing that.

Monica has had the longest rehab in the history of all rehabs put together. I think some people have had shorter jail time than she's had rehab. Good to see her and the Qs back together though. Loved that they banded together to get rid of Scotty. I found it interesting that Tracy was sitting in Alan's "chair" with no sign of Alan.

Line of the day:

Edward to Scotty: "You never did a damned thing for your son when he was alive, why are you playing the grieving father now?"

Funny line of the day:

Tracy: "How does it feel to be back?

Monica: "Like I walked into a house of morons"

No offense to Rick Springfield fans, but the boy needs a haircut. Yeah, yeah, he's a rock star, I get it. Also, Anna honey, I don't think it's very nice/professional/sanitary to kick the crap out of someone, IN A HOSPITAL HALLWAY, even if he deserved it and then some.