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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Disclaimer: I am not a fan of the mob or the fact that it's taken up so much of the show. Nor am I a fan of Jason or Sonny, although, if you held a gun to my head, I'd pick Jason, only because he's slightly less of a misoginistic asshat. Having said that, the scene at the end, where Sonny walks into his living room and there's dark, brooding Jason, sitting waiting for him and the scary sounding "We need to talk", actually gave me goosebumps and got me a teeny bit excited for Monday's show. Who knew!!

But, there was also a lot of redundancy today:

Oh look, Lourdes is bugging JoLu again. Get a job Lourdes. You've quickly taken over the title of most annoying, previously held by the boring Marianna and the incredibly stupid Reese.

Oh look, Lucky and Sam are meeting in secret again to discuss how they miss each other since they can't be together.

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Oh look, Nadine's hatching a plan and Nikolas is going to thwart her. Nadine honey, I like you, but stop hatching your plans within earshot of Nikolas. I am however, waiting for Nadine to kick Nikolas in the family jewels for constantly berating her and treating her like an infant. Girlfriend needs to stand up for herself at some point here.

I enjoyed the brief Liz/kids park scene. That baby who plays Jake is truly adorable. I was hoping that Liz would offer Monica a chance to hold Jake, especially once Monica mentioned how she's envious of Audrey's great grandmotherhood. But no, Monica's only purpose in that scene was to remind us of all that Jason has lost for making a choice that he didn't need to make.

Johnny/Lulu: I was thinking a lot about this storyline last night (it's amazing how your mind wanders when your feeding a baby at 4 am!!!). I think my biggest problem with it (other than it makes no sense), is that it's actually going to take some of the punch away from the meat of the story. (There might be a spoiler or two in the following sentences, just in case anyone is spoiler free, stop reading now!!). The meat of this story should be the upcoming mental break down of Lulu's and her mental interaction with Laura. On paper, it's actually a good story and Genie Francis is certainly talented enough to rock it. JMB has shown some talent in the past, with the abortion story, early scenes with TG, and Laura's return the last time. But since then, they've turned her into the most annoying, vile, stupid, lazy, annoying annoyance that people find incredibly difficult to root for or understand or accept. So, when the mental breakdown comes, I'm sure there will be some great acting on JMB's part, mostly because Genie Francis will bring her up to her level, but will any of us care? The damage to the character has been done and what they've written so far might actually ruin what's coming up. And that will be too bad.

And on that note, have a safe and happy weekend everyone!!