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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 08.01.08


Carly and her "plan"...  She invites Karpov to the Metro Court for a little din din and somehow the pair wind up at the warehouse.  Just as the smooch is about to happen, Jason comes around the corner, gun drawn and warning issued.  Carly if off limits.  Jason may be mad at his BFF but she quickly produces Karpov's PDA.  Is Carly's life in danger?  RUMORS have said yes.  Will she put Jason in danger as well? RUMORS say both Carly and Jason are in danger... who will save them?

Is Jason a part of Sonny's plan?  Carly tells Jason she can't bear to lose him too so if Sonny's a threat, treat him as one.  Jason's in charge now and his days of taking a bullet for Sonny Corinthos are over.  BUT is Sonny really teaming up with Karpov to help Jason take him down?  Not sure as I also see RUMORS that Jason will reveal that the choices he made, the choices Sonny offered him, are now costing Jason his happiness. We MAY learn that is just as much the reason for the tension between Jason and Sonny as Michael's shooting is.  In the end, will Guza really break up his greatest pairing ever?  I would guess that depends on Maurice Benard's contract negotiations.  Either way, Sonny assures Jason that his dealings with Karpov are intended to help Jason. 

Steve Burton is looking pretty trim... it could be the constant black t-shirts. RUMBLINGS from GH Fan Club Weekend said the actor mentioned working out for a shirtless scene. Was that typical Steve Burton comedy or is Jason losing the shirt on screen?  As a HUGE Steve Burton fan, I beg the wardrobe department to put Jason in some new threads.  I'm not asking for you to change his standard jeans and t-shirt look, but I am sick of the black t-shirt.  Blue? Grey?  Any other color will do. 

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