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All My Children Spoilers & Scoop

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Can you say Loco Annie? That's what we are going to see in the weeks to come with our former children's book writer! Annie will not only lose it but all of her misdeeds come out in the open. I am beginning to wonder if Annie is really preggers and if it is her imagination messing with her! As my friend Jamey said "doesPine Valley really need another child? Every character has like 12 kids!!!!"

Ryan brings Aidan's investigation into Annie to an end. YAY! I love it when Ryan goes clueless! I mean seriously I thought it was a smart move to have Annie investigated and now he feels bad? Thank goodness Tad and Jesse start to look into the situation. 

JR coaches Colby into ending her battle with the rum cup. I swear Barry drew up contracts for every kid that Adam produces saying you agree to be an alcoholic except me. 

The Slaters go on a Vegas vacation with the Lavery's and Aidan and Greenlee.What a great idea!!! Zach and Kendall pretend their Hart to Hart and spy on Annie while Ryan cries over Greenlee's nupitals with Aidan. Tito give Ryan a tissue!

Tad tells Krystal either play house with me and quit helping Adam!

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Adam tells Erica that the only reason she wants Samuel around is so do the horizontal shuffle! Oh Mr. Chandler your just jealous because you are not getting any!

Jesse arrests Dre for running over Richie, however the investigation takes a turn when Samuel, Jesse and Tad begin to believe that Richie was already dead before the Teen Trio hit him. Adam is arrested for covering up evidence. 

Fletcher tells Frankie he can have Randi for a price.  How lovely I just love it when humans are on sale!

Jake keeps running by the blonde lady.