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Days of Our Lives: Denial Island Preview

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Onscreen storyline might actually rival the behind the scenes gossip this week on Days of Our Lives (Aug 4 – 8), Stefano is back, wedding vows are renewed and Marlena gets attacked and left paralyzed.  It's all starting to sound kinda interesting to me, especially since, somehow or other, I think I've managed to miss every other Bope wedding ever (except for flashbacks, but they don't count).  Anyway, I’ll let you decide for yourself - read on for this week's preview...


Bad news for Ava – although her trial is set to take place in Salem instead of Ireland, Judge Fitzpatrick is no longer the presiding judge in her case.  Instead, a new judge has been assigned and this one isn’t so easily bribed.  In fact, not at all.  Ava opts to run – no facing the music for what she’s done, she hot-tails it out of Salem, and with her, goes any hope for Java fans.  At least, for the moment.  Jawn’s not too happy about Ava skipping town, but he’s about to be a bit busy because…


Stefano’s back… and he’s maaaad.  Revenge!  Revenge!  Revenge!  Marlena’s the first target, as you can imagine, since she’s the one who put him in his ‘coma’ to begin with.  Jawn’s not happy to learn Stefano’s awake, but why would he be – with Stefano back, he’s at risk to lose all the newly acquired DiMera money and power he’s enjoyed these past few months.  Stefano is content to play it low for the time being, but does reveal his new conscious state to son EJ, as well as Tony.  

Lexie is left in the dark that her father is conscious, although Tony does alert her about Stefano’s seizure and impending transfer to University Hospital.  Not surprising, but this worries Lexie a little, as well it should.  Will she treat her father to recovery or back into a coma?  Still no mention of the Autism storyline in the spoilers, but I know that Theo makes an appearance in Monday’s episode, where he spends some time with budding Occupational Therapist-in-Training Chelsea.

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Max finally meets Melanie – but the family reunion is cut short when they are both arrested – that bracelet she was going to use to pay off ‘Les’ is apparently stolen.  Before that happens, Stephanie and Melanie have a chance to meet and dislike each other, unsurprising considering all the gossip Steph’s heard about the party girl.  Nick piques Chelsea’s curiosity when she catches him watching ‘Premiere Party Girl’s’ blog but he refuses to tell her who she is.  

Philip and Morgan continue to get closer, but Paul is less than impressed at this news.  Can you blame him?  He's gone through the entire production of helping Jawn set up Philip, and his precious daughter falls for him anyway… that’s gotta pee you off LOL.  Meanwhile, Philip checks out of hospital and Nurse Morgan shows up, promising to attend to his every need *wink wink, nudge nudge*.


Your feelgood moment of the week involves Bo and Hope.  Aww… Bo has arranged for the couple to renew their vows as a surprise for Hope.  Hope’s been preoccupied trying to find out what’s been bothering Bo, so she’s had no idea what her husband has been up to.  Of course, everyone else knows and they (Kayla, Maggie, Julie and Chelsea) help Hope get ready before escorting her to the church to meet Bo.

Coming Up Next Week (Aug 11 - 15):

  • Paralyzed Marlena is discovered by John and Anna
  • John confronts Stefano
  • A mysterious vapor wafts through the air

That's it for this week, things seem to be hotting up next week - but I would expect nothing less now that Stefano's back.  Let's hope the fun continues!!

Brooke's all important disclaimer: I caught up on Days in readiness for Stefano's return... man that was hard work...