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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I remember when I used to love Kate. Strong, independent, fiery businesswoman. Now, not so much. Lately she’s been giving off this vibe of entitlement that annoys me. It’s like she spent too much time in Carly’s company when Carly’s giving off that vibe. When she and Sonny walked into the room and Jason was there, she immediately got into his face. Now, I’m not a fan of Jason’s, but he was Sonny’s business partner for more than 10 years. Maybe he wants to chat. But she got all snarky with him before he even said boo. That’s just rude. And yes, I’ve seen Carly do that too, and I don’t like it when she does it to someone either.

Also, I’m not sure I understood why she went to see Nikolas. Nik has tons of money dumped into the clinic, so she doesn’t need to invest. And somehow, I don’t see Crimson as the type of magazine that would promote a free clinic. That just seemed like an odd way to get her and Carly to cross paths.

Things I didn’t understand today:

1. Why was Maxie home reading a magazine during the day? Have she and Lulu been fired? I loved that Leyla tried to give her a heads up about Spinelli’s feelings.

2. Why didn’t Nadine get up and leave when Matt went to take his shower? She had a few minutes to make a run for it.

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3. Why are Anna and Noah making out in the hospital closet? I mean, I like AnNoah, but really now.

The liar, liar, pants on fire award goes to Sonny. He’s playing the innocent and the misunderstood card a little too hard. “Oh Kate, Jason just doesn’t understand me anymore. He thinks I would betray him”. And she’s all defensive of him. That’s great, but he certainly didn’t tell his beloved fiancée that he’s working with Karpov and that’s why Jason came by for a chat, now did he.

Can someone in the props department give Robin the third trimester pillow already? Isn’t she due in September? Unless she’s going to pass a mouse, it’s starting to get silly.

Sam/Jerry: Too bad Sam didn’t have a tape recorder on her, so she could show Alexis what a piece of garbage Jerry really is. And speaking of Alexis, where the heck is she?

Jason/Cody: So basically, Cody is to Jason what Jason was to Sonny. Well, good thing that position’s been filled. I’m sure we were all waiting with bated breath for the addition to the mob family.