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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 08.04.08


Is Sonny betraying Jason?  That's the question of the hour.  Sonny will tell Jason he's teaming up with Karpov to help him. With everyone around him telling Jason to treat Sonny as a threat will Jason's simple thinking prevail?  It looks like Sonny may make a convincing case as to how he did not betray his former business partner. I am still hearing that the Sonny - Jason friendship is kaput.  All smoke and mirrors or is Guza finally breaking up Sason?

Carly and the plan.   Is this how we learn Carly is in danger?  SPOILERS say that after Jason scolds Carly for putting herself in danger, she hands over the PDA she stole off Karpov.  When Spinelli cracks it, he learns that Carly is on the Russian mobster's hit list. 

Karpov... he's being called a "lady killer" and the hit on Carly may be the reason for that.  There may be more to that title as once again it looks like one of Sonny and Jason's enemies/associates is being RUMORED to go after women and children. 

Kate's curious...
she has a few questions for her fiance about his business break up from Jason.  I'm also seeing another bitch fest for Kate and Carly.

Lulu loses it and Johnny freaks!  Lulu has a panic attack with visions of Logan everywhere.  She thinks she is turning into her mother.  When Johnny realizes Lulu has left their hideout, he freaks and must go searching for his girlfriend.  She's visiting Laura in the loony bin. Fearing this is what is in store for her.


Naudia Kiss... it comes next week from what I'm hearing.  Nadine is still trying to link Matt Hunter to the drug mystery.  Nikolas still has an opinion about her oh so obvious plans but he may be too busy with the mafia princess and searching for Lulu.

Jerry wants answers from Sam.
  Namely, WTF are you doing working for Karpov? 

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Cody Returns... and he will have more screentime with Jason.

New Mobbie... starts this week.  


Gunfire? RUMORS say its coming and Lucky shields Sam. RUMORS also say Elizabeth MAY be near by, will the boys be with her? While I am sure this will start a who should Lucky save debate, these same RUMORS also say that it will not be a Sam over Liz choice, Lucky will try to protect both women however he can't get to Elizabeth, only Sam. Is Sam hurt? RUMORS say yes. Remeber, this is just a RUMOR and possibly a a good old fanfic.


Mob vs. Liason?  Who wins?  Duh, it's Guza's world and we just live in it.  The mob will always win.  Is this the reason Liason got the big old stall?  I don't want to get any Liason fan's hopes up (namely mine) but there are some RUMBLINGS of more scenes for the tortured couple. 

Lots going on for me today... I'll have more later so please check back.