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ADONIS 2008 Week 5 & 6 Finals Results!!

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Well Ya'll I apologize for my severe tardiness, but I'm here with 2 weeks worth of hottie results in the ADONIS 2008 competition at!!


Let's start with Week 5's results. I'll spare you the details as I'm sure by now you all know how this works. But let's just say I was not a happy camper as the bottom 3 consisted of Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby - Young and the Restless), Jason Cook (Matt Hunter - General Hospital),and yes *tear* Shawn Christian (Daniel Jonas - Days of Our Lives).

After I composed myself I waited patiently and fortunately Soapy spared me some heartache when he sent Shawn back to safety.

So then it was between the hottie aussie from Salem and the naughty doctor from Port Charles. In the end, even after a valiant campaign, Daniel's luck ran out and he was the one ousted from the competition. I have to give his fans major props though as they kept him in every week, even though he was in the bottom three time and time again. So bravo to the Daniel/Cane/Lane fans for putting forth so much effort. I will say though after seeing a shirtless shot of him and remembering his beast master days, that maybe Daniel should beef up before next years competition *nods*. Daniel fans shouldn't cry too much though cause he was named TV Guide's sexiest man in soaps so they have that to be proud of.

Next we move onto week 6. I wasn't able to attend chat but Jason once again filled me in on the details. The same rules applied this week as all men had comments read and then we found out who was safe and who was in the bottom 3. 

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I was saddened to read that all 3 of the hot doctors in the competition had made it to the bottom, which were Jason Cook (Matt Hunter - General Hospital), Jason Thompson (Patrick Drake - General Hospital)and Shawn Christian (Daniel Jonas - Days of Our Lives).

I about freaked cause I didn't vote either that week and I thought for sure Shawn would be ousted because of me, but then I read that Soapy sent Shawn back to safety....and without taking a break first. The one night of chat he would have tortured me less then usual and I missed it. But I digress...after the break he then announced which hottie brunette doc of Port Charles was getting the boot.

Now since this is now a battle between men who have been on or are still on General Hospital or Days of Our Lives I surely thought Jason Cook would be safe. After all he has been on both shows so should have double the fandom right? Well either I was wrong or the fans split cause Jason Cook was cut out of any further Adonis least this year. Word to the producers...MAKE HIM SHAVE!! And I betcha money he makes it farther next year.

So there you have it...two more hotties out and 6 left to contend. So get over and rank your hotties from 1 being your fave to 6 being your least at Then tune into chat on Wednesday 10pmEST/7pmPST to see if your favorite is still in the running or if he's out for the year.

Here are the names of the men still in the running to be ADONIS 2008 in no particular order:

Brandon Beemer (Owen Knight - Bold and the Beautiful)

Greg Vaughan
(Lucky Spencer - General Hospital)

James Scott
(EJ Dimera - Days of Our Lives)

Jason Thompson
(Patrick Drake - General Hospital)

Shawn Christian
(Daniel Jonas - Days of Our Lives)

Steve Burton
(Jason Morgan - General Hospital)

Till Next Time Oogle and Enjoy!!