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Classic Barbara and James

In honor of Anthony Herrera'sreturn to As the World Turns as James Stenbeck, here is a somewhat recent clip of one of his many encounters with ex-wife Barbara Ryan. If you are unaware of their long history, Barbara and James have been tangled in each other's orbits for decades. They are twice married and twice divorced, but that doesn't keep James from tormenting his favorite target. Barbara is strong, but she knows that James is a dangerous man. The chemistry between these two is undeniable, which makes them one of my favorite all time couples. There is nothing like watching two professionals making their work look like no work at all.

In this clip, Barbara visits James in prison in 2003 to get answers in the kidnapping of Lily and Rose. The music and lighting set the scene as Barbara faces the man she fears most in order to help find the two girls.

This is one of several James and Barbara clips available on YouTube. Just pop it in the search and view storylines that go back to 1987.

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