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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I forgot to mention this yesterday, but when they reshowed Logan’s stabbing, when Lulu was remembering it, it occurred to me that she didn’t actually stab him, but rather, that he stabbed himself. She’s standing there, sort of frozen in place, and he comes at her and the knife goes in. So really, it’s not self defence on her part, but more accidental suicide on his. Or maybe it was intentional suicide, he got tired of hearing her shriek (as we all have) and decided to off himself and the fastest way to do so, was to impale himself.

See, when JMB decides to play it calmly, she really works it. That scene with fakeLaura WigOnAStick, Lulu was quiet and calm and introspective and I was glued to the scene. Something that hasn’t happened with Lulu in a very, very long time. Let’s hope this is the end of Shrieky Lulu.

If Scotty was half as smart as he thinks he is, he would have posted police at Shadybrook, knowing that Lulu would eventually end up there to see her mother. Heck, if Nikolas and Lucky were working with more than half a brain, they would have done the same thing. Or maybe they should hire Maxie, she seems to be the only one who can figure anything out in this town.

Loved the Sam/Nik scene as they ganged up on Scotty. It’s so rare to see these two in a scene together, despite the fact that they’re related.

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Loved the Maxie/Nadine/Matt scene. Nadine just kills me, and Maxie always brings the funny. Much light heartedness needed.

And speaking of Nadine, I was surprised that she revealed to Matt that she thought he was behind the drug stuff. That girl is determined to earn her Nancy Drew badge.!!

Why is Jason telling Carly anything about the business and the Karpov/Sonny stuff? For years Carly was told that she couldn’t know any of the business stuff and now she’s being let in on stuff? Especially since she’s really not supposed to be hanging out with Jason in the first place.

Carly/Kate: I was expecting a bigger cat fight than that, and I was kind of disappointed.

When Carly first showed up, I was all, “yeah, give it to her”, but it was really only a mild warning and then she left. I feel a little bit cheated!!