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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 08.05.08


Team Spixie!  The Jackal P.I. and his trusty sidekick Maximista go to work digging up information on Karpov. 

More Q's?  I'm hearing more Quartermaine action and they're fighting!

Scotty tries to see Laura... but is denied access to his one time love. How much do you want to bet that he just misses Lulu?

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Will Claudia and Nikolas team up to find their on the run siblings? Remember there are still RUMORS that these two lock lips, again.

Scrubs Stuff... if you're a Scrubbie, you'll see more of your couple on NightShift.  They'll have their little bits on GH but you'll get the meatier stuff afterhours.  REMINDER: Tristan Rogers aka Robert Scorpio returns tonight! Again, still hearing they're having a girl and Robin's delivery SHOULD be on General Hospital, not NightShift.


Typical Guza... RUMORS are saying that Karpov is the bad mobbie with Jason and Sonny being the heroes.  Will this storyline bring all the mobsters together in an effort to bring down Karpov?  This storyline COULD and MAY tie more characters to the story.  Alexis, Jerry, Sam, Lucky, Nikolas, Nadine, Jason, Sonny, Karpov and Claudia.  They all have some role in this great drug caper.  Will this be once again too much mob or a storyline that finally brings the canvas together while still making Guza's mob front and center?

I pointed out that Dr. Matt Hunter seems a little too interested in the Doctors Drake.
  Will he be a Drake?  Remember, when Josh Duhon was first cast, he was not supposed to be a Baldwin, he was supposed to be a Drake.  They've been itching to add someone to the Drake family.  Memo to the writers: the fans want a nice Jason Cook character, this jerk you've given us, not working.