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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 08.06.08

Carly or Claudia?
  Who makes a better rival for Kate Howard?  SPOILERS say Kate and Claudia go toe to toe. RUMORS say Carly and Kate take their non stop bitchfest into a full blown brawl.  Will Kate bust in on Carly and Jax making some headway in their marriage?


Have the cops found Johnny and Lulu?  Nope, its Lourdes' brother they're looking for. What else is coming up for our lovers on the run? Well Lulu is still set to lose it and Johnny is prepared to turn himself in if it means Lulu gets the help she needs.

More threats for Lex?  RUMORS say Trevor issues a threat to the DA and once again, Kristina is the intended target.  Will one of her daddies finally step up and defend the little girl?  Alexis has a warning of her own and it's for Jerry.  She'll take him down if he pulls another Mr. Craig, good sex be damned.

Scrubs Fans... if you're not a NightShift watcher, Robin and Patrick revealed last night that they are indeed expecting a little girl. 

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We've been waiting for a shirtless Steve Burton, will a shirtless Rick Hearst do?  The actor confirms that one of his first scenes back after vacation has him losing his threads.  Hmmmm.... is this the Claudia hook-up?


What does the Clic (that's Claudia and Ric for you non-squishers) hook-up mean for Naudia?  I'm still hearing they lock lips however I am also hearing that Nadine plants one on her employer.  Will Nik pull the sister talk again? Nope, this time it's that he's still grieving for Emily.


There has been talk of a lady for Jason Morgan and no my fellow Liason fans, I am not talking about those RUMORED scenes at the end of August.  I'm talking about Karpov's attorney.  RUMORS say the blonde attorney MAY have taken an interest in the Mob Boss and these RUMORS go on to say that someone MAY spy the two together and get the wrong idea.  My Liason Love is calling FANFIC on this one. 

Elizabeth's run in with the newbie mobster.  It COULD happen outside of Kelly's and he COULD be saying how blue Jake's eyes are.  This COULD be a Fanfic.

Could the RUMORS about Lucky having to choose between Liz and Sam be a mix up?
  It happens in the SPOILER world sometimes.  The latest RUMOR says that Carly, Jason and Claudia are in trouble.  Will Jason save both ladies or only one? Come on!  He's Super Jase, of course both will be saved.