General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Very busy tonight so no time to post in depth. Just a few thoughts about today….

Who keeps letting the riff raff into the Q house? First Scotty strolls in and then Anthony. The doorbell didn’t ring, so they must have both just walked in.

Why did Lourdes come in through JoLu’s window? Why did those cops assume that Johnny wasn’t Sal, the man they were looking for?

I liked the different interactions today: Anthony/Carly, Anthony/Qs, Scott/Qs, Kate/Claudia, Ric/Jason/Spin, Ric/Claudia, Maxie/Spin, Maxie/Kate.

If Carly accepts that invitation from Karpov, she’s not as smart as she likes to think.

Sonny’s a big fat liar who lies.

That’s all I’ve got. See ya’ll tomorrow!!!