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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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The only good thing about today’s episode was the Spinelli/Maxie/Jason stuff. Maxie walking in in the middle of a JaSpin conversation and joining right in. Jason being all, “you can’t be here” and Maxie being all, “whatever dude”. And then when Spinelli jumped on the chair and it swung around and he almost fell off it, KS broke character and started laughing and then tried to hide it as did BA. Ah, a chuckle and a breath of a fresh air in an otherwise blah episode.

Lulu’s still seeing Flashlight Logan, who apparently, has learned to play the piano since his death. Lourdes is still climbing in their window and making googly eyes at Johnny. Wouldn’t there be a lot of bugs in that apartment, with a screenless window like that? I’ll have to make note to see if there are any flies buzzing around dead Logan next time we see him. Sal decides to run from the cops and leave his younger sister with a couple of people he just met last week. And Johnny, well, he’s just a big ole’ dumb box of rocks, who doesn’t see that Lourdes thinks he’s dreamy and that Lulu’s going cuckoo for cocoa puffs. Also, for a couple who should be hiding out, they sure do go out a lot to buy stuff, don’t they.

Karpov: “I’ve been in your presence all of five minutes, let me buy you jewels and expensive stuff”

Carly: “Ah, so my evil power over men still works. Eh, let’s wait til I divorce Jax before I move on to the next man who’ll buy me stuff”

Kate: “Uh Sonny, everyone and their dog is hinting that you’re keeping something from me, are you?”

Sonny: “Nope”

Kate: “A’ight. Hey, look at these pretty champagne glasses, la la la la la.”

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Lucky: “Hey Sam, you know what we haven’t done in an hour or so?”

Sam: “Met secretly in private out in the open for everyone to see?”

Lucky: “Yeah, let’s secretly meet now in the open”

Sam: “Oh but Lucky, we can’t, someone might see and blow my cover. You remember I’ve gone under cover. We can’t blow my cover.”

Lucky: “Yeah, you’re right, we shouldn’t be meeting secretly out in public like this or it will blow your cover. Wait, is Lulu still missing? Man, that girl was always the best at hide and seek.”

Nik: “Hey LuSam, let’s discuss the counterfeit drug case right here, in public, with the door wide open, where everyone, including our prime suspect, Matt Hunter could hear us.”

Lucky: “Ok, but let me close the door, now that we’ve been talking about it for ten minutes with the door wide open.”

Nik: “Nadine, you should do as I say because I said to do as I say and do as I say”

Nadine: “Uhm, no. Besides, according to my Nancy Drew book, I should run down to the docks and see if I see people actually exchanging bad drugs for good drugs. The fact that a nurse shouldn’t be down on the docks at this time of night is of no consequence. Also, I’m going to wear my brightest shirt possible, rather than something dark to blend in and not be seen.”