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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 08.07.08

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!
  EARLY RUMORS had Sonny cluing Kate in on his dealings with Karpov, now we know he's covering his tracks. Will he tell Kate what his plans are? I'm seeing no. 


Working both sides?  Remember we mentioned a hole in Jason's organization?  RUMORS suggest that one of Jason's employees may be playing on both sides of the fence. Is it his new hire, Cody Paul? 

Maximista may be in store for more than she bargained for.  Maxie is determined to help Spinelli find dirt on the Russian Mobster.  Will she uncover more about Matt Hunter in her digging?  RUMORS are pointing in that direction. 

Liason... are they getting a love scene?  We've been talking about a possible, shirtless Steve Burton ever since the actor said he was working out to lose the shirt.  Steve is quite the comedian at personal appearances so it could have been a big old joke BUT I am seeing more and more that the couple will indeed get intimate again.  Some are SPECULATING that it is goodbye as Jason will continue on in the mob.  Others say it is the kick off to Jason and Elizabeth being together. 


Will Lucky tell Elizabeth about the fake break-up?  He wants to and Sam said no way.  Now RUMORS say Sam MAY be the one to clue Liz in on the plan.  RUMORS go on to say that Elizabeth helps with the investigation. 

Night Shift... it's doing great, everyone is happy to see fan favorites Jagger Cates and Robert Scorpio back on our TV's. Will we see one of them on General Hospital? RUMORS have been RAMPANT that Antonio Sabato Jr. will be back on our daytime screens. When his return to Night Shift was first announced, ASJ said he wouldn't be against a return to General Hospital but that he did have some commitments for the fall. 

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Remeber to check the comments for updates.  If you didn't check yesterday, here's what you missed:

Is it Trevor or Anthony threatening little Kristina? Possibly both? RUMORS now say that Anthony is around the little girl no doubt shaking Alexis to her core.

Jerry Jacks... will he help Karpov in his quest to kill Jason Morgan? Have you seen the latest promo? Carly and Jason are under fire, Claudia too! I hear it's Jerry holding the gun. Would he really be taking shots at his sister -in- law? I'm hearing no one actually takes a bullet BUT don't forget, there were RUMORS of Jason getting shot.

Will Sonny tell Karpov their association is no longer?
Is that what has Karpov ordering Jerry to kill Jason?

More on the shoot out... the LATEST RUMORS say that Jerry calls Karpov and tells him the hit is off, too many people around.  Worried that the attempt will be linked back to Jerry or Karpov, Jerry heads to Alexis' for an alibi.

Spinelli in the hospital, again? Looks like the grasshopper and his master go on a stakeout and Spin gets a case of heatstroke. Matt Hunter appears to be the doctor on record and suggests the quirky computer genius has a brain tumor. He kids, he's just heatstroke. More on Spin... the heatstroke is from sitting in a hot car on the stakeout.  RUMORS say it's Jason that brings him to the hospital.

What happened to NS and GH being on the same page? As I mentioned earlier, we learned last night that Patrick and Robin are indeed having a daughter together. Will it be addressed on GH? Not 100% clear on that one as RUMORS said the couple would have an ultra sound where they learn the sex of their baby on GH. NOW there is more SCOOP regarding Robin and Baby. Actually, it's more Robin and Jason time. According to these SPOILERS, Robin tells Jason she wants him to be a part of her daughter's life, a conversation that Patrick overhears and daddy-to-be is not thrilled with the idea of the local Mob Boss playing... what would he be? Uncle Jason? Robin sees Patrick's point but it looks like she talks to Elizabeth about Jason.


More on the Scrubs Baby Sex... I'm once again seeing that the baby's sex will be addressed on General Hospital.  Robin is happy as can be to be having a little girl with Patrick going through the "typical" dad reaction to learning a daughter is on the way.  I say every womanizer deserves to have a daughter... and Patrick was definitely a womanizer when he first hit town. 

Brian Frons dishing dirt? Look for it in your latest Soap Mag. The BUZZ is that the head of ABC Daytime is talking his dream team (actors he wishes he could get back to ABC) and he reveals that Guza and Vanessa Marcil have been talking.

Kate said they'll marry in September.Maurice Benard says its a big wedding. What about all those RUMORS about Skate not actually making it to the "I Do's"? I'm now hearing, it's a rocky wedding: before, during and after.